Anyone know the stock HP on the 650R

I have been trying to find the stock HP for the 650R.Most places I have talked to with there kits give a percentage of gain but no base line? OK 27%

of what = Final number If anyone knows let me know,Thanks

I think its around 45-48 hp uncorked. Totally stock about 38 hp.

Stock HP for the 650R at the crank is listed as 43hp. What you get at the rear wheel is a lot less, not sure how much though. Uncorked/re-jetted, it's listed as 55hp at the crank, and obviously a lot less at the wheel. A few more can be had by drilling the airbox, and jetting even richer.

The above numbers are for performance at sea level. Figure in a 3% loss for every 1,000' of elevation due to loss of atmospheric pressure and oxygen availability.

Another consideration which is equally important is engine torque. If I remember right, the 650R produces something like 45lbs of torque or so, which is a huge amount for a dirt bike.

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