426 cam????????

thinking about doing the cam in my 02 wr 426(canadian) anyone out there have any suggestions.

If you still have WR timing, I'd YZ time it and put a decent pipe on if you don't already have one. My 426 is YZ timed and has a YZ muffler and GYT-R header pipe and it has heaps of power everywhere. More torque off the bottom than you'll ever need and a killer top end too :cry: Hard to believe it's the same engine. If you have trouble starting you bike maybe a YZ450 cam would help, but I've never tried one so I cant offer any advise there.

Go with the YZ 450 cam part #5TA-12180-00 and you will

get the benefits of the auto decompression, did my 01 426

and love it. :cry:

I went with a HotCamshafts auto deco cam on my 01WR426. It's nice not to have to go thru the deco lever routine it also makes the bike easier to bump start should you stall on the go. No more reaching for the deco lever.

I took my deco lever off but at times I wish It was still there. For example after a crash when the bike is a little flooded or on a cold morning to help get the bike started a little easier. Overall a very good mod.

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