Fork guard/kick starter questions

Are there 05 fork guard kits? Where can i find them? Also are there any kick starters (from other bikes or aftermarket) that dont hit the peg? Could you hook up a 2 smoke kick starter to the 450? Its possiable with the kx and kxf so it should work.... :cry: Thanks had a kit last year that had the honda style fork guards and routing. I can't find it on thier site now, but you can contact them to be sure.

THey have the plastic and carbon fiber CR sytle fork guards for the 96-04 YZs.

FYI, you can't run '05 guards on any other year Yamaha, because the forks and guard mounts are all new for '05.

Um... i thought the kickstarter was supposed to hit the peg acting as a stop :cry:

Thanks for the help everyone. :cry: I dont know about the kick starter, is the peg made for a stop? :cry: Some bikes dont hit the peg, and Ive heard that the yzf kick start wears and breaks because of hiting it. :cry:

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