XR600 Gearing

Hi all - just about to change the chain/sprocks on my bike. Currently using 14-48 which seems like a pretty good compromise for road and trail.

Was half considering going to 15-50 for a tiny bit more on the road, but with the option to drop right down to 13-50 if needed.

I can't find anything saying what sort of range the standard chain will work with, apart from several mentions of 13-14-15 / 48 combinations being used, so I guess that is OK?

Are there any problems with the front and rear lower chain guides if going to a 15 front and/or 50 rear??

I will make a new case-saver for the 15t, if thats the route I go. I prefer running 15t front sprockets if possible, as in the UK mud the 14t gets shredded quick enough and an extra tooth can only help!




I used to have 13/48 and now run 14/48 and it was a huge improvement. The 13 gave gnarly takeoff, but was really buzzy at 60mp/97kph. The 14 was a huge help and I have yet to stall on tight trails. In fact, I wouldnt mind a little more gear, so the 1-tooth difference of 15/50 would probably work pretty well. I dont know about the chainguide clearance, though.

Standard chain lengths usually have enough room to go up one on the countershaft. On the snails like on the XR600, this would take a new chain from something like #13 down to notch #6 or so (rough estimate from memory). There would be no more extra chain length left over to increase the rear sprocket any. You would need a longer chain (unless it is already 1/2 stretched to buggery already). With a longer chain, you could do the 15/50 down to 13/50 as you desired.

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