Acerbis Rally Pro / Stock 650R Levers

After too many damaged fingers I have decided to replace my useless stock handguards with a set of Acerbis Rally Pro guards. The guards arrived, but alas, the levers are too long :cry:

Can anyone point me in the right direction of some shorter levers (I found an earlier thread that lists the shorter lever bolts so that'll be good). I'm based in the UK but don't really care where I get them from as long as I can get em on!

help always appreciated.



I just use a bolt cutter to shorten levers then file to clean up the ends.

I would suggest against cutting your levers. If I had a digi camera I'd show you my nice scar. Lever went through my hand :cry: . Get yourself some nice Moose Shorty levers. Best I've used yet.

I run Rally Pro's and the levers work fine. Just loosen the clamps on the clutch/decompressor and brake and move them in a little bit. I do run Renthal bars though. Put them on before I ever rode the bike.

XR650Rider has the right solution. Just loosen the two bolts on both the brake/clutch perches and slide them over 1/2 inch or whatever it takes to get enough clearance and then tighten the 2 bolts per perch back up. :cry:

Mine are shortened and filed smooth.

It was done by the previous owner and seem to be fine. No sharp edges or points.

How could you get a lever through the hand with rally pro handguards on? I've been shortening my levers since the seventies,never had a problem with it.

The Rally Pros spine is extremely mallaeble, so you can create quite a bit of extra room for the levers. Stick them in a vise and either manhandle them, or beat them into submission with a rubber mallet.

Both of my levers are cut down. Who needs all that extra room anyway? The 650 has an easy enough pull.

I'm not too worried about the cut off levers, not with the handguards covering them. The guards'll make a mean wound, I actually broke one of them with the back of my hand, removing quite a chunk of skin. But then, you oughta see what they did to my wrists! :-)



What a way to earn your nickname!


I had to look at those x-ray pics. Hope that will wrap up the surgeries for a while. I'll be thinking about those injuries for sure and keep to the tight (slow) singletrack.

I got the Moose racing short levers, they look good and have a red rubber grip on the front of them. :cry:

thaks for all the info guys - much appreciated. I'll let you know how I get on :cry:

Hee hee. It's a good lesson to know what is on the blind side of things before you go bobmbing a hill at 70+. Surgeries are done at this point, last metal came out last wednesday. 2.5 years and counting.

And YES! I still ride. Started puttering 1 year in.

The 'Pros work! The bike endoed hard enough to wrack the fender and seat 6" to one side, and had sod stuck on the bars up to the crossbar junction on both sides. Yet the levers/perches survived, and I still run the Renthals to this day. Of course, I think if the bars had let go, those xrays would have been far less dramatic.... And cheaper......


can you tell me where to get shorter lever bolts as well? thanks!! :cry:

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