PA ATVs need registration, insurance!

You should feel lucky! 188 trails? NH has 7. CT has 1. Mass has something like 7. NJ none. NY none. VT none.

I'm not saying that it is good - but if they haven't decided to close most of those 188 - you are better off than the whole North East.

- Sean

I'm a PA resident also. The way the state forests are managed is criminal. Seems the only people really enjoying them anymore are the loggers. You can't put any singletrack in but you can clear cut the sh*t out of the side of a mountain. Maybe (dream mode on) the registration/insurance thing will keep the ATV damage from getting worse and the state might allow legal trail expansion.

I dont know man, the only trail that will get expanded in this county are ones that rich horse people want expanded. They actualy condemed a section of trail owned by private land owners so they could take it over and let horses on it after a bitter cort battle with like 32 land owners! Now they patrol it with pickup trucks so you dont drive on it with your dirt bike?????? Would you belive I was on the trail (before the county annexed it) on a moutain bike and a girl on a horse told me I shold stop and get off the trail and lay my bike down if I ever pass a horse!!!! If they want to keep the ATVs off the parks, give em some of the zillion acres the state has but wont let you on unless you have a gun and want to kill something.

I hear you North east, its just bad here becuase it is not nearly as open in SE Pa as it is in most of the NE US. So every body is a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) freak that tries to stop what you do on private property. Some NIMBY called the cops on me about a month ago riding with permission on a small track, and told them some one was setting the woods on fire! I came around a corner and saw the chief standing in the trial :D:) he siad hi how are you, well I see your not setting stuff on fire, and all that. Oh well, at least we still have all the strip mined coal mines in mid state and all, but the club up there will require all the registratin and insuranse and stickers and stuff! More money to a state that uses it to screw me, more Harrisburg BS, Makes me want to take up a less percecuted hobbie like selling crack!

Looks like we lost another one. Read in the paper today In Pennsylvania ATVs now will require resistrations, insurance and all kind of stupid stickers, except for people riding on their own property. If your on property you dont own, you need all that. It says ATV riders have been recklessly riding on state roads and trails and have even left some ruts that can be seen!!!! Oh my,,,,, it goes on to say that the State supplies a whopping 188 trails (total state wide) that can be ridden on leagaly. The state feels it is NOT their duty to provide area for ATVs to ride on any of their horaded state game lands that they open a whole 2 months a year ONLY to people to go kill animals on! They say it is up to private land owners! They mention the law includes incentives to land owners for ATV riding but the article dose not decribe them, just goes on about quadrupled fines, insurance, license plates, yearly fees, stickers, and grass and roge outloaw ATV riders. Thank god the horses are free to tear up and crap on any trail they want with out fear of haveing to deal with the rest of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :):D . A, whats a nice house in Canada go for these days? Whats a nice area to live in up there? How about down under, I am really fed up in the states, This government is lost and out of control!!!! I am really thinking about moving man!

Sorry, just had to vent and all.

I don't even want to get started on the horses. They are the only group who do not participate in trail maintenance and up-keep. I live in Gettysburg. There are some neat little trails out on the battlefield. No doubt it's not a place for the WR, but for a short mountainbike ride it's great. NO BIKES. BUT, you can bring in your hay burner in the early spring a screw the trails up so bad they're not worth WALKING. I've gotten plenty of crap from horse-people for not dismounting my bike. "F" 'em. If they can't control their ride on multi-use trail, too bad. Have you ever ridden Mt. Carmel????

Yup, PA stinks. The Game Commission thinks they are a god. They are responsible for most of the garbage that goes on. Closed Mount Gretna to mountain bikes after we had a race there. They apporoved it and all. Three weeks later, you are on're fined and bike confiscated. (I'd kill someone if they took my 2500 dollar mountain bike!)

The Game Commission answeres to no one....they can do what the want.


Damn, they closed Mt. Gretna!!!! Never rode there myself but that name has always been around. I help my friend who runs the Michaux races and DCNR is really becoming uncooperative. They are basically running the forests like the Mafia. I don't remember exactly what the arrangement was to compensate the rangers for standing around for a couple of hours looking official, but I do remember it was ridiculous. Ay, yous wanna uze da forist, waddaya got fo me and my associates.

Oh yeah, ranger rick, just try and grab that bike out from under me! I had a ranger in my local part coment to me that the trail I was on was not open to bikes, I asked him if I took a squat and left a big pile steaming crap in the middle of the trail I could pass for a horse? Good thing he was in a boat :) . I have seen tons of horse riders that cant control a horse from freaking out when it sees a bicycle. They are like, Oh be carful, he dose not like bikes, I dont know what he will do! Im with you, If you cant control 800 lbs of animal, leave it at home. Maybe if you spent some time with it instead of boarding it some where for 340 days a year It would not freak out when it sees the outside world!

to each his own! I prefer to mountain bike with my cattle prod. horses like electicity, don't they? :D I'm in western NY, and its not nearlly as bad, but i've had people on horses and hunters try to tell me I'm not allowed to ride "here". I simply ask them if they know were here is, or if they know who owns this land( normally i'm on my grand mothers land of one of a dozen riding friends of mine, or the local ski resorts) any way the normally end up with some mud in there eye! Not that I'm a prick, but some as* *ole stood in the trail, in MY backyard, holding his shotgun in the air as a sign for me to stop. I tell him he is on MY property and I DO NOT allow hunting, and he trys to tell me I"M WRONG, B**L S*IT!! I think he was in miller time, so I roosted him! MUD IN EYE = NO AIM!! then I convinced all the dear in the area to please leave, but the angery, drunk, stupid hunter was still trying to find that dear. HA HA HA thats all the venting i needed AHHH thanks I feel better :)

Hey Crazyadam,

Where abouts are you in NY. I live near Rochester. Got alot of riding areas where you are that you won't get shot at?

It is amusing seeing the horse riders toten' them gunz. You ask them why they have the gun and the usual response is " en case tharz a snake on the trail". Yeaaaah right. You're gonna shoot a snake------from on top of horse-------bullsh*t.

I have similar experiences with horsemen. I try to be courteous, but there's only so much I can really do. I pull off to the side and turn off the engine until they are passed. Normally I get a response something like "What are you and that dirt bike doing here". I reply, "same thing you're doing, only my pony is made of steel".

Try to be courteous to all the folks you see on the trail. It will help keep the riding areas open!


You should be happy your state provides you with SOME kind of outlet for riding. NY state does sh** for us, and we've been paying OHV registrations forever. Monies that were supposed to go to trail funding, maintenance, etc has dissapeared into other DOT money pits. We have absolutely NOTHING in the southeast parts of the state, and if you want to ride anywhere legally, you better have your own land, or be in the middle of bum-F-Egypt, with no neighbors in site. Before you start freaking out, read this link-

Looks like you might have more riding areas on the way. We, on the other hand, still dont have squat. See you in Canada- :)

Sorry, that link took a dump. Try this, if you arent aware of it already:

So what are you bitching about? No riding areas or the fact that you have to register & insure your OHVs? Did you ever think that registration fees might help develop riding areas? Granted this is only the case if the money isn't funneled to some other budget - look at CA Green Sticker issues for examples.

Liability insurance - where's the problem? If you are riding on public land you are a fool if you don't carry liability insurance. Spend the few dollars a year to cover your ass.


I have to add, that I'm told bikes are not allowed on those PA atv trails. Registration or not.

I never could understand the way state game lands are handled.

Until recently, state forests weren't too bad. If you had a street legal machine you could travel any trail that wasn't posted off-limits. Now it reads more like "all trails are closed unless posted open".

Our old strip mines (mid-state) are being cleaned up and sold off (read closed) one by one.

In the state forests around me, bikes are not allowed except once a year for one enduro race. IF I lose one more local area it will be time to sell unfortunately. I have been riding out my door for 5 years and I'll be damned if I have to trailer.

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