Auto clutch poll?

I'm about to order the reckluse auto clutch and am thinking of replacing the clutch lever with a handlebar mounted rear brake setup. For those running an autoclutch, have you kept the clutch lever and if so what are the benefits? I recently rode a KTM 2-smoke with the reckluse clutch and there didn't seem to be any reason to keep the clutch lever. For those using the rear brake setup, how is it working for you? Also, did you go with the option to keep to foot brake or remove it as well? Any thoughts are much appreciated :cry:

I've got a Rekluse in my 04' KTM 300 EXC and I also have the brake kit.

I've never used it and probably won't. I've been worried as to what I'd do if I can't kill the bike and the throttle sticks?

The benefit for me is I can still fan the clutch and get on it hard out of the corners. Otherwise, I guess you'd just have to keep the rpm's up all the time.

About the only time I think I'd miss the clutch lever is on an MX track....I definitely don't miss it in the desert! I've ridden MX practice and didn't miss it hen, either....

The biggest advantage I see is that the clutch override sure makes it easy to hit neutral with the bike running, which seems alittle tough without the perch adjuster/override.

I have only wanted a rear brake once, bulldogging down a nasty rock face. It would have been nice to have a bar mounted brake for the rear. On the ohter hand the front brake really works well, and remember no engine braking with this clutch. If I had the bar brake chances are I would never use it, I have the bar clutch kit and have not put it on. So I guess what I am saying is 99% of the time all is good, then the 1% nasty stuff that you can make do. This clutch is really good and I have had no problems with it on the track or in the mountains.

I consider the left hand rear brake to be a necessary and essential addition to the auto clutch, and have actually removed the foot brake. Once you get used to the hand brake you won't even miss the foot brake. Not only is it helpful for bulldogging down steep hills but also for steep downhill, tight switchbacks when you have both feet on the ground. I actually coordinate the hand brake use with the auto clutch engagement, much like you do with the regular clutch and throttle for technical trail situations. With the auto clutch, I have never missed the manual clutch override.

I have the clutch perch adjuster on my 250F. I don't imagine you would need it on a 450F. I have failed going up a steep hill and then hurtled down backwards without the clutch to stop the back wheel. :cry: If you think that you will need to bulldog then the rear brake lever would come in handy.

Someone mentioned that there is no engine braking with this clutch. That is false. It can be adjusted with the external adjuster (clutch perch or not) to have engine braking or to not have engine braking. If you use the MX spring it will free wheel but with the offroad spring it will have various degrees of engine braking depending on the adjustment. :cry:

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