idling hot?

hadn't run my 450 for a week or so[miserable weather] so i fired her up and let it idle for 10 min or so. noticed a puddle of coolant and like to have died.pulled the skid off and cleaned it all up to see where my problem was. restarted it and climbed under the bike about 3 min one of the pink lines[i assume from the radiator ]started spitting this normal for a yz to run hot after so little idle time?better just run it around the block than just sit to promote some air flow thru the radiator?

Let them idle for over 3-5 minutes and they all puke coolant. :cry:

yeah fourstrokes run hot so you should try and keep air flowing through the radiator and it could also be running lean

thanx alot now i'll be able to sleep tonite

Yes, it's totally normal. I might as well also tell you now that 2-3 minutes of idling will cause your head pipe to glow a rather pronounced shade of red that you will one day notice if it's a little bit dark out. Four-strokes, especially those with their combustion chambers packed full of valves, are like sharks; they need to keep moving. :cry:

normal , just keep her movin when you can. These bikes hate to sit still and idle.

Thats a seriously good way to cook an otherwise perfect engine. The manual states not to let it idle more than a few minutes without good airflow.

I just hope you haven't blown your head gasket and damaged the piston rings already...

Very unlikely at no load, hot yes, but no real damage!

Do not let a four-stroke idle for more than 3 minutes, coolant will spew out the overflow if you do.

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