back firing on my 05

I washed and parked my bike about one mo ago and went to start it the other day and it ran like crap. It is back firing on decell really bad, about 1/4 steady idle it pops and misses. turn on the chock and it runs ok wont start w/o chock at all. (stock bike) I tried cleaning carb out (x8) cleaned accelerator pump (x8) ended up just putting new jets in. pulled all harness connections and blow them out with air and put some wd-40 on in case i picked up moisture, put new exhaust gasket on and sealed mid joint incase of leak, fresh gas all stock jets went back in temp about 70 in shop bike ran great for about 15 hrs its almost still new. dealer doesnt know what is wrong either. oh and i changed the plug (x2). starting to wonder about these thumpers my 04 was still sucking dirt in the carb when it went back to the dealer that bike never did run right. any one have an idea.

That bike was made on a monday morning or a friday afternoon. Contact Yamaha and tell them the dealer won't fix it right. Yamaha will light a fire under the dealer's a$$ and the dealer will fix it if they want to stay a yamaha dealer.

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