01 YZ 426 Gearing question?

15/46? :cry: Wow bet that thing does 150mph! The exact opposite of what you want on tight trails.

NO! it wont. i use 15/47 alot and the top speed is nowhere near the top speed of a stock enduro bike. it doesnt seem so "close ratio" when your in the woods with that gearing, but in more open areas im constantly up in 5th gear...

what you want on trails is long gears, not the focused acceleration you get with 14/52.

i should point out that running a rekluse will stop these meaningless gearing changes. :cry:


I too have an '01 426 that I found the stock gearing to be too tall. The bike came with spare sprockets for the rear, both 50T. I replaced the rear during a visit to Hollister Hills and found that the 50T rear worked far better on tight trails and even tight track riding. I've also ridden it at Club Moto and it seems to be geared pretty well for that venue as well.

Good luck!


Hello berudd,

I am sure of the 15/46 gearing. I bought the bike this way and didn't really think to change the gearing because the dealer said it was ridden at Pozo (Black Mountain) which is where I ride alot. I also ride Clear Creek, Gorman, and some desert riding. This is my first 4 stroke on my last bike was a 1985 YZ 250 about 6 Year ago. I have a new 14t and a friends 49t to try but it sounds like I may need the 13t for pozo (some tight trails). I hope my clutch is okay. It seams to grab and work okay? If this rain stops I may get a chance to try these gears.


I just wanted to thank everyone for all the help with the gearing. I went back to the stock 14 front and 49 rear and what a huge difference. Now I can use 5th gear! My chain is a little to short to run the 50t on the rear due to my old sproket sizes. I figure if I need to go lower I can always order another $6.99 13t for the front but I think I ride fast enough for the 14/49 combo. I may keep my old 46t for the desert but it will not be put back on with the 15t up front. That was just way too high for me. Thank god my clutch is still okay. Thanks again,


I run 13/52 on my 426 :applause: works great... vortex baby!

So... does one tooth on the front sprocket add 3 to the rear or does it subtract 3 ? I have 15/50, and if I go to a 14/50 will I have more top or bottom end ? :thumbsup:

I changed 1st 2nd and 5th gear in mine. It's more like wr gearing

i have a 16 tooth on the front and a 49 tooth on the rear, i run it in sand and go balls out in the flats, but like to be able to climb hills (big hills) too. would a 14/50-51 be a good choice? i am new at this. thanks

BuckHopkins: I have found 14/50 to be a very good all-around setup for Washington. When I am tight woods (and I mean TIGHT) I run 13/50 (3.84). For my general purpose gearing I run 14/50 (3.57). If I know I'm going to be in mostly wide open stuff I will go as high as 14/48 (3.43).

Are you sure you have a 16 on the front...I didn't think those would even fit?

I counted it out myself, they sell 16t for the front, i noticed it is really tight with the aftermarket case saver i have so i asked the previous owner about it, he had put an aftermarket 16 t on it because it had too much low end power and he kept wheelieng over! :censored: so i am gonna drop it to a 14 front and try it out, then i will see about changing my rear. Thanks

I ride trails and hare scrambles, and I rode my 01 with the stock gearing for a long time, on one of out HS tracks there is a long straight and my kx 250 used to hit the rev limiter in 5th, but the YZ never did so I left it alone, but it was a handfull in the tight rocky trails I ride on. A while back the bike needed a chain and sproket and all they had in stock was 14/52, they said they had been keeping that in stock because thats what everybody has been asking for lately, I tried it and WOW, accerates like mad and still doresnt hit the limiter down the back straight. I did have to change some shift points around the track, and as a bonus I dont shift near as much as before, I just ride it in the higher gears at the track. Made it much easier to ride in the tight stuff also.


I run 14/53....tight desert singletrack..no track...locks of rock strewn hills and tight twisty cowpaths..

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