WR450F general questions??

Just purchased the 2005 WR450F. Question? Rode for a short bit. Exhaust was glowing bright red below radiator. Checked oil. It did read half way mark. Break in hours. 10 or 20. After my first real ride I will change oil. Plan to use Yamalube 4-R 15w-50. Manual recommends gas octane of 95 or higher. Do I need that. All I see is 92/93. Where do you get 95+, I leave in Portland< Ore area. Anything else I should worry about? :cry::cry:

92/93 is just fine for the WR

For me I use 90 octane from the beginning in my wr 450 04 & it runs good till now :cry::cry:

Don't worry about the glowing red header, it's common.

That's 95 RON, most US pumps display the average, RON+MON. The RON is usually higher than the RON+MON......

I run Castrol ACT-EVO 10w40 year-round. :cry:

I use premium unleaded which sayst is 98%

is this good or bad?

98 octane is good i use 95.1 + an octane boost which is great for reponse and the valves :cry:

Mine glows after a while if it's left to idle.Also in australia.Watch what fuel you use as we normaly use mobile syergy 8000 premium or even there standard works fine, but have filled with shell my wr 450 and mates drz 400 and both bikes seem to bog down and stall on hills?.I don't know a lot about fuels but we have had this problem a couple of times when we have been unable to get mobil.

safe riding - Dave

the dealer who sold me my bike told me to use BP ultimate.

and not to use shell optimax as it is too low density.

1. Higher octane is to prevent pre-detonation. If you aren't getting backfires/pinging that means you should be fine.

2. Bogging down would be a jetting issue....not an octane issue. Check your plugs....black means too rich, white means too lean, tan shoudl be just about right.

3. You could try some racing gas....oxygenated...to see if it's a lean/rich jetting issue. If it clears up...it's the jetting. (Nutec, Powermist, VP, etc...)

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