Anyone use a RAM or Touratech GPS mount on Fatbars?

I'm considering switching to Fatbars and eliminate my crossbar. I want to know if anyone's done this and placed a RAM or Touratech gps mount on the center of the Fatbars, between the handlebar mounts? Or, is there enough room anywhere else on the bar that works and doesn't get in the way of anything?...Just seems like it would look a little more Sano with a clear view of the triple clamp, and hopefully a steering stabilizer if Santa trades me one for cookies. :cry:

All the Rally bikes have what you are talking about.

For crossbars TAG and the twin wall Renthalls are options. I went with the Renthalls--but for no good reason.

The crossbar is a convenient place to mount the GPS. Touratech offers mounts, including universal mounts, so does ERTF in France-there are probably others--ask thing to consider is to include a GPR V2 under the bars stabilizer with the higher risers. Thats what i have on my Dakar bike. If you go that route--consider the fact that bar sizes (tall) will take some consideration. Also--the Applied uppper is the one to go with if you mount the GPRV2.

For me thats the best set up available.

Crossbar mounnted GPS

GPR v2 stabilizer

Applied upper

I have also run this:

Pro Tapers without crossbar

BRP uppers

Scotts dampner

GPS mounted into the Baja Designs mirror fitment that bolts on to the perch.

One other thing:

If you use the Acerbis fat bar adapter mounts--you can add a crossbar to any handlbars--you just have to find a crossbar or have one made. Thye are not easy to find--the crossbars on TAG products can be removed--but its not so easy on the Renthalls...

Is that more than you wanted to know?!



Dude, that's everything I wanted to know. Thanks...I think I'll stick with the Renthal's that I have and skip the "open look" of Fatbars. The functionality of the crossbar (gps mount, extra fuel mount, etc.) seems to make the most sense. You've been on both sides so your opinion's solid...Thanks again. :cry:

The RAM mount I have mounts on to the Protaper bars without any problem! I put the U-bolt on the side, sloped part of the bar and have the arm of the Ram mount angled towards the centre. There are lots of options with the RAM system so using any type of fatbars won't be a problem.


Brian and Mike-

Can you please post pics? Has anyone used a PDA for the display and mapping with a bluetooth or remote GPS module?

I just bought a Magellan Meridian color for my first GPS unit and I am going to buy the Touratech bracket model# 065-0047 and was reading that you should hard wire the unit to the bike as opposed to using batteries and I was wondering if someone could help me in what I need to power the GPS and how it has to be wired. I'm riding a '94 XR600. Thanks, Walt

I have the Magellan Meridian Gold. I run it on recharageable batteries. Vibration from the bike doesn't affect the operation of this GPS while it's powered by batteries. The Garmin Etrex series on the otherhand does have problems with batteries during use on a bike.


Brian, I'll go pick up some rechargeables, which I'm finding is a necessity since I've had my GPS unit for 2 days and have gone through one set of the Energizers that came with it. What kind of mount are you using for the GPS? Thanks, Walt


It'll get pretty expensive running a GPS on regular batteries. The rechargeable batteries usually last for a full day. My digital camera also uses AA batteries so I always carry 4 extra batteries and swap them out if needed. I'm using a RAM Mount . The RAM mount is simple and works great. It has survived every type of riding imaginable and a few crashes too!


I run the Garmin RINO 120 on custom mounts off to the left of the stabilizer. I'm looking at using Cycoactive's voltage regulators to stabilize the voltage, and then I'll have to wire in the cig lighter circut board to cut the voltage down to 4.5 volts. One of the advantages of hard wiring, is running the GPS at night, w/backlighting on.

I also have the RAM mount for my eTrex Legend ... I'm wondering about wrapping a strip or two of innertube rubber around the bar, before mounting the RAM ... just as extra vibration protection ... any thoughts at to whether it will dampen or worsen vibration to the GPS ??

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