Bike Speedo Which One's

Ok guys if you are using a Bike speedo can you let me know the Brand and Make the IDiots down my local store and doing me head in...

I really like the Trail Tech and Billet protection mount option.

Easy to pop off when taking the bike to a pressure wash.

Great contrast and visibility in bright daylight (not very useful at night).

I am very pleased with mine. 2 years of use and still going! :cry:

Ok guys if you are using a Bike speedo can you let me know the Brand and Make the IDiots down my local store and doing me head in...

Motorcycle or bicycle? I just bought a $19 bicycle one at Target that I'm going to put on my wife's TT-R125LE tonight.

It's a Schwinn 12 function or something? I picked it because it had the largest numbers I could find for under $20 (not that I looked very hard). Also, I figure, if it breaks, I'll be less likely to worry about one that was under $20 that I would if it were more expensive.

I will check it out with a GPS to see how accurate it records speed. And, it does save "top speed" as well as some other odd things. Mostly, it is going to be there to keep her from getting a speeding ticket!

The Bike one go down as low as 20" adn 24" wheels but not sure that will be ok for 17" supermoto wheels and 21" MX wheels

Look at the SigmaSport models as they came stock on some TM motorcycles and I had one mounted on a KLX300 and it worked well. I like my tailtech although it cost a bit more you didn't have to lengthen the pickup wires and jimmy a magnet on the rotor:thumbsup:

Yup TRIALTEC, freaking awesome speedo.

I got on on my wr426, £56, super bit of kit, remember to route the cable the right way, unlike me who routed it the wrong way and had the front tire cut through the cable :cry:

Stupid twat......I really well though.


Dont bother trying to save money with the above push bike speedo, its a total waste, I did that and now I've taken it off, its shite.

The Trialtec one reminds of your service intervals, speed, averages speed, its also LARGE clear and has a backlight.

Serioulsy dont waste your time and effort on a pushbike one.


Yup that looks the way to go... but they list it at 69.00 is that correct Or am I looking at the wrong one...

the trail tech speedo started life as a topeak/panoram bicycle speedo. trail tech has made the unit a little more motorcycle friendly. they also sell it as a kit for differant motorcycle brands. they use a heavier wire and a pick-up mount designed for each bike. that's why their kit costs a little more. you can buy a bicycle speedo but you'll have to deal with a flimsy wire for the pick-up and make your own mount.

i went with the bicycle one. i was able to find a long wire (for tandems) unit on sale last year. i cut the wire and ran it inside a piece if small diameter plastic tubing. i think the tubing is for water supply for refrigerator ice makers. the mount was a pain in the a**. i still had to buy the rotor bolt/magnet from trail tech.

a couple minuses. the panoram(bicycle) model that some of us have used is no longer a current model. from what i see in the bicycle catalogs, topeak has replaced it with the "V12"., about $40.00.

minus #2. the bicycle model does not work well for dual sports or enduro's with resets. the distance mode can only be zeroed. the odometer mode can be reset in tenths. even then the unit will default back to the speedo mode after a short time. kind of a pain if your keeping track of milage.

bottom line. the trail tech/topeak units offer a lot for the money. the extra bucks for the trail tech is money well spent.

I mounted the pickup on the brake caliper for both my speedo installations as you would for the trailtech but used an o ring and epoxy to hold it on in the Sigmasport install. As for the magnet I epoxied mine in one of the cutouts in the rotor where it contacts the hub for the bike speedo. Trailtech comes with a magnetic bolt which replaces your rotor bolt that passes by the mounted senser on your caliper. You can get magnetic bolts from them separately. Any strong magnet will work as long as you can find a clean spot to mount it. The bike magnets are wimpy compared to the trailtech. I would avoid trying to weld one on you spokes. Check their website look at computers-replacement sensors. They also have install instructions and can be bought through the TT store for the best deal I believe:thumbsup: .

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