Jumping ship

My 400 is dual sported and I would want to ride on the street with anything smaller.

With a reasonable gear for off road (15/50) it still revs too high for extended street runs (60MPH+).

I have considered picking up a YZ250F as a 2nd bike. I'd do it in a heart beat if I had the funds, but for dual sport I'll keep the 4-hunni.

People are jumping into the wr250 so fast it is making my head spin. My 426 will be in shortly and have no thoughts of a 250 bouncing in my head. The 250 looks sweet, but as a dual sport I dont feel it is going to have what I want. I went too small once (TTR250) and don't even think 250 now. I will be trail riding the 426 and loving it. I am curious. How many of you are actually getting rid of the 426 for the 250?

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