Wow! New YOT graphics kit!!

So i bought the YOT graphic kit to prevent minor scratches to the tank when i crash. Received the graphics today and considering the fact that it aint cheap, i am having second thoughts putting them on only to crash and destory them. :cry: Now i'm looking at the option of buying n-style graphic protectors. Either that or i will part with the kit :cry: Anyone using graphic protectors?

It is a DIRT BIKE!!! It is suposed to get scratched and beat up a bit. Or you could put the graphics on it and rub it with a daiper and make sure it looks good instead of RIDING IT. Just kidding. Never used the protectors.

lol. I didn't want to get mine dirty either after I put mine on.

Heres a Picture of my 02 250F with the YoT graphics.

A little preview of what yours might look like :cry:

>> Yot Graphics <

I know its a dirt bike! Thats why i rather it be scratched without the pricey graphics :cry: By the way, nice bike :cry::cry:

Yeah but you have to remember, The graphics offer protection to your plastic. So its helps Actually. I keep telling myself I wont spend another $120 on graphics every year but its better than having to replace plastics every 6 months or so... Just the way I look at it.

Hey, I thought I was looking at Chad Reeds bike there for a minute, but realized he runs a 2 stinker! I installed all new graphics on my new WR450 before i ever even rode it and I keep them from getting scratched by keeping the wheels pointing downward. So far, its worked perfectly, but I know my days are numbered, just dont know when. :cry:

Are they YOT graphics specific for the WR, or have you got a YZ kit?

Oh...err they are for the yz. I have the yz kit. Most aftermarket graphics i have seen are for the yz.

You mean YZ plastics, or just stickers? Or is your bike a YZ, not a WR...??

I have a YZ rear fender, but rest is stock 04 wr plastic. I want some trick stickers soon, before the stock ones get to knacked to put back when I sell it. Can I use YZ plastics on an 04 wr 450, if so what year YZ plastics fit??

Mine is a wr400 with yz tank,seat & rear fender. I'm not sure about the 04.

How the hell do you keep the wheels pointing down.?

Probably by.........NOT falling or crashing? :cry:

Yamaha designs the tanks where the gasoline is in contact with the area where the stickers go. The white in the stickers will probably turn yello before you scratch them up. I say pu tthem on! You can always pick up a discounted replacement set on ebay if necessary.

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