higher engine temp from skidplate ??

although I dont get into too many gnarly rock-sections, Im thinking about adding a skid plate to my air-cooled XR650L, just for insurance ... anyone notice hotter engine temps because of the skidplate ?

It'll be alright. Put the skid plate on it and ride like you stole it. :cry:

Agreed...I'm using the Utah Cycle (aka Baja Designs) one with holes all over it. I chose this one for the same concern you have...No noticeable difference in temp (per my oil temp gauge/dipstick). :cry:

If the cases were integral in cooling the overall engine, they'd probably have fins too. The downtube/backbone are all covered or blocked from airflow and it has no effect on cooling. Dont worry about it. My bike has a fairly large plate and it doesnt run hot.

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