Anyone know how I can get replacement FMF ti-4 Stickers?

I tried e-mailing them but never get a respose back,its not like I am asking for them for free? I am repacking the silencer over the winter and I would like to replace the stickers because the are worn off from a wreck?

Right now on the FMF website, they are only offering replacement stickers for the PowerCore 4. I'm sure though if you call them directly they will be able to get you replacement Ti-4 stickers.

I have one thats about 4 1/2" Long that says Titanium 4. Send me a PM and might be able to work something out. I have others for FMF but thats the only one for the Titanium 4.

I have a few that say Factory 4 on them. They are replacements for my pipes on bikes I no longer have. Send me your address and I will mail them.

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