Fork sub tanks/Sub Frame cutting

Do fork sub tanks make any noticeable difference? :cry: I talked to a suspension guy localy and he recommended them. :cry: He said that they would greatly improve the steering characteristics of my 450. :cry:

Also, has anyone ever trimmed there Sub Frame. I know a lot of the factory teams do that. Does this make any noticeable difference to the average racer :cry: Do you have to be Tim Ferry to notice it?

I've got subtanks on my '01 426 and they were an improvement. But I'm going to get both ends revalved this winter. I think they'll work even better once the valving is straightened out. I ovalled out the lower mounts on the subframe to lower the seat height a bit. It dropped it about a half an inch. You'll only need this mod if your a shorty like RC or me :cry:

I had Enzo do my front and rear, with sub-tanks. I love'em. Best $$ ever spent on a motocrosser.

I have a Too Tech Racing sub tank system for sale, $125.00 plus shipping.

Email me if interested:

Yeah thanx on the advice. I fall into the RC class for height too. It probably doesnt help much that I weigh 165 either :cry: My local shop will chop the subframe for $50, I think I will try that before I beg :cry: my wife for the subtanks........Thanx again. Go ride :cry:

when I got my bike lowered it made a big difference and I still have plenty of travel

front and rear......I guess if your a JUMPER you won't want to sacrifice ANY travel

but for trail riding or rough scrambles mine works great.......


Sub Tanks.... Build your own.

Do a search for "sub tanks", there's plenty of info on TT. It's one of those things you do and wonder why you didn't do it before.



I`ve got a complete 01 yz426 suspension for sale if interested in spare parts.

Forks,rear shock,swing arm,blue sub frame.



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