Ricky Stator

Hello Everybody,

I just purchased a new Ricky Stator, the dual output 200+ watt output, for my 2001 Xr650r. I noticed that the coils are not epoxied like most of the tips pages have done with them. Is it necessary to epoxy the coils? Thanks, Tony

I rewound my own stator for 200 watts for my XR650R a year ago and did not epoxy the new wires expect at the base where the wire would go from one post to another. The XR650R's stators run in air not in oil as the older XR600's and should not need the extra protection. It's been a year and many hard miles with not problems. If you look at www.4strokes.com they have an article on stator winding that I used.


Thanks Ken,


I've had my 200 watt Ricky Stator in my piggy for a little over a year now, no problems, even with weekly rides and various lighting setups, dual sporting, etc. I called Ricky with the same question you have right after I put the stator in. He told me they do not need to be epoxied, and he did not know why the factory chose to do so, other than overkill.

Good choice, I'd buy mine over again if I had too :cry:


Baja Designs guarantees their stator rewinds for the life of the bike. So if it goes bad for whatever reason you don't have to buy it again. :cry:

hey, i just bought the same thing for my pig, i didnt get any instructions though.. i dont like taking stuff apart unless i know what im in for. i was emailed that i would need the dual output version. do you have any install tips or anything? is it like a plug and play thing? thanks for any tips!! :cry:

:cry: The stator is a piece of cake to install, just unscrew the exterior bolts and cover and there you have the stator :cry: three bolts she's out and you pop the new one in. the dual output is for high power lighting, much better than the fridge light Honda provides. :cry:

but what about the wires?? can ya hepme?

The wires coming from the stator are 4 outputs for the lighting, these should be green and white one is ziptied together with the other and the other set is not, the remaining wires are for the ignition, they plug into the wiring harness where you unplugged the old stator, make sure you mark where you unplugged the wires for the old stator under the seat :cry: if you go to xr650r.net they have a manual and a wiring diagram that will show the wiring for your bike. :cry:

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