difference between WR 400 & YZ 426?

What's the difference between these models? New to Yamaha.

Is it anything like the difference between an XR 400R & the XR 400L (is one more street-oriented & the other more race-bred)?

26 ccs? whoops. I have a 450 and had a 426 before that the 426 went like a rocket especially a mean strek at half throttle.The 450 is smoother and torquer and i think a little easier to ride.But there nothing like the 426 to scare the crap out of you when you least exspect a big hit.The 400 goes o.k but the the 426 is mean and would take one over the 400 any day .Do i prefer the 450 over the 426 ? that is a hard call.The electric start is great but there was just something i loved about my 426 maybe someone could convert the 426 to electric start the i would go back.( must be getting old? _). Sorry for the long reply but it's a bit more to think about. Go the 426.

there isnt such diffrence as with R an L

they are both competition bikes suited to their environments - track, woods and both can be used elswhere with little mods and better rider capability

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