98 yz400f hot starting

Okay, recently I went riding and anytime I started the bike (once it was hot) I used the hot start and it fired with one or two kicks. Then, the next time out (a week or so later) I had a very hard time starting it with the hot start. When I left the hot start alone, it would start easier. The temps were a little cooler but nothing else had been done to or happened to the bike. Any idea why this might have happened? Is there something wrong with the bike if it starts easier without the hot start? Keep in mind, this was even the case following a stall after 20 minutes of riding.

When I rode my '98's I don't think I ever had to use the hot start. Now that I have my 450, it's a MUST DO. With the cooler air, the bike is subjected to a leaner condition with more dense air available, so less likely to have to use the hot start. It's kinda like not having to use the choke when it's 100+ degrees out. You may need to play with your pilot screw a little to get spot on jetting when the temps drop, and if you do that, I think you'll find you'll have to go back to using the hot start like before. It's all about the right fuel/air mixture.


Thanks. Being new to dirtbikes the hot start is a foreign thing to me. I thought it was a must do for all conditions.

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