Wr400f Frame Number/uk Registering


I have recently bought a wr400f beleived to be a 98 bike, the frame number is JYACH01W3WA001674 the bike has only had off road use, i wish to put it on the road in the uk. my problem is yamaha uk have no knowlege of such a frame number??? does anyone have any suggestions for proving the age of the bike as this is required for me to apply for a v5 log book. thanks.. john

yamaha will be of little help. I think there is a place called classic services. Much of it is described on veggie dave's racing site. Easy to find in google.

Also, i suggest taking it somewhere rural. My mates have plated bikes in wales and hardly needed anything. I had an import that i tried to register in wimbledon. It took four trips and was a nightmare.

Good luck. PM me if you have any more q's

Rochdale is Rural.

Contact your local DVLA licenceing office they will have a deadecated person to help you and are usually very helpfull


OK, the VIN has a year designator. Its the last letter "W" (tenth digit) which makes it a 98. Yamaha could get you the rest of the breakdown. The last set after the "W" or year designator is just the serial number, i e A001674, so it was the 1,674th WR400 in 98 at that plant to come down the line.

I imported a 04 WR450F from Canada and that VIN didnt show up on the data base, they just asked me what the model was. I told them, and it was done. But of course, I did have a title for it too. Do you have a title for the frame?

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