clutch question

I was reading a thred on the YZ forum and most people said they dont

use the clutch when changing gears. I always use the clutch on my WR.

I'd like to no what everyone else is doing on their WR's? and if anyone

knows if it is bad for the tranny?

For longevity you should use the clutch. I have been roadracing for years and don't use it for upshifts there...but you will tend to see more wear as well as the ocassional broken teeth on the gears.

Do I use the clutch that's just a bad habit from racing. :cry:

I only use it on high rpm down shifts. Otherwise I just back off the gas and shift up or down. You will know if your rpms are too high for a downshift without the clutch. It does not hurt the transmission as long as you let it shift into gear without jamming it hard. :cry:

Using the clutch reduces shock to the gearbox and does extend the life. I'm just a trail rider and always use the clutch. I have even used the clutch during a wheelie shift, but out of habit. About the only time I dont use the clutch is when I need a quick downshift and unable to let partially go of the left grip to do it, like in a hill climb etc, then I will just tap it down.

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