Happy Ho's For All

wouldn't that be nice!!! merry christmas :cry:

Is that why Santa always say Yo Ho Ho! :lol::D:lol::D

Merry Christmas to all the TT family! :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Boy did we get hit with a white Christmas!

Southern Indiana just got hammered with snow the last few days. :cry:

merry christmas everybody.

white stuff just missed us here in st. louis, but it was about 5 degrees this morning. brrrrrrrrrrrrr

...and in Southern Cali, it's gonna be sunny and 60. Happy CHristmas to all.

Golfing in short sleeves on Tuesday. Riding donuts in the snow on Wednesday. Gotta love that Texas weather!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone (even marcus?) !!!

And in the uk its raining, cold and damp. And happy christmas to you all.

Merry Christmas everyone! And a happy BLUE Year!!!!!! :cry:

Merry Christmas, we only hit 13 below this morning and a sunny 3 degrees this afternoon. Studding up the bikes today for river runs on Sunday. You socal wussies just don't know what your missing...X Ventura County resident-25 years!

Merry Christmas to All. It's a cool 35 in Portland right now. I'm remembering those 70 and 80 degree SoCal Christmas's from my youth. Bah Hum Bug!

Of course, my Christmas came a week early when I picked up my new 450 last Sunday! :cry::cry:


wouldn't that be nice!!! merry christmas :cry:

You bet it is! None of that sissy sensitive stuff like happy holidays around here. Heck, I aint afraid of no nativity scene either. Thats for girly guys (yeah, I know, I have pink coolant in my WR :cry: ) and girly guys dont ride WR's anyway!

Merry Christmas to you too NCMM.

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