Corbin Seat for the 650L

I've searched about lowering the L. I've pretty much ruled out the lowering link because of it's effect on the suspension. The Corbin seat is an option. About $150 more than a link, but if I could get 1.5" lower, and more comfortable to boot, it would be worth it.

After searching I've gotten some mixed signals, seems as though the Corbin may or may not lower the 650L.

Anyone have one and can provide some input?

I have one for my L and it is cut lower up against the tank where you would be riding in the dirt. I also have the stock seat and have been using it because it is higher. My legs are a little cramped while sitting with the Corbin.

One thing that is nice is it is narrow up by the tank and widens out further back. It's more comfortable for the long rides. Mine is also slippery leather. The stock has better grab

It is a seat the prior owner of my bike bought and is a 94-95 seat. I am not sure if they have changed through the years.

I am in So Cal if nearby you can try it out if you want.

Here's a pic

Seat Pic

so how much lower do you think you sit compared to the stocker. That is a good plus in that a person could swap seats so quickly and easily.

you may not want to give up on a lowering link ... I havent installed the Kouba-Link I bought yet, but Im reading very good comments about its handling improvement, in addition to 1.75" lowering ... see what you think ...

My guess is about 1 1/2'" when up by the front of the seat.

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