XR 650R Turbo

The only thing that comes to mind is WHY. My pigs motor is completely stock with the exception of it being uncorked and I run stock gearing, it goes faster then I ever need to go.

:cry: It's called adrenalin. :cry::cry: Mine isn't fast enough. :cry:

This bike gets posted on here probably every other month, but its still intrigueing nonetheless.

It looks like the carb is stock. He must be running a fuel pump with a rising-rate pressure regulator. This is a situation where EFI would be really handy. I wanna think that is the bike with power in the low 70s.


You do realize if you succeed in identifying this and do it to your bike that you will lower the life expectancy of the bike by a lot?:cry:

For the thrill it may cost you a bike. But then, what would a little rich boy care about that. :cry:

this guy likes the turbo and his cast proves it


How great for you that you have a Swedish guy here at the forum;-)

This page posted here is rather old, he have now done testdriving in Dyno (testbenk?)

and it showed 103 hp at the tire... Pretty cool.

The cost of it was 25000 SEK which is about 3600 dollar.


a link more. (but in Swedish). Boost 2 i the name of the guy who built it..

The forum post also says it is going to be an article in one of largest bike journals in sweden...

The guy in the picture is PG Lundmark, a Swedish guy who raced Paris-dakar a coulpe of times (and done pretty well I'd like to remeber)

How good can it be, I mean the bike's in a museum

In a museum? What do you mean?

It's of course not a bike made for comps (but the races on the lakes)

The article on http://www.desertdealer.se/honda/xr650rturbo/xr650rturbo.htm even mention that PG asked Hubert Auriol (paris dakar cometition leader) (?) about turbo but the answer was clear; No way, Nicht NJet Aldrig i helvete....

I think it is AWESOME. ive seen the picture and read about it before...nice to see more info.

103 hp?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

add EFI and a 680 high comp kit...maybe 120hp?

maybe get a land speed record or win at hillclimbs or just have the baddest ass commuter bike. Totally cool to see what euro gear heads are up to. to bad about the weather over there..

To see guys pushing bike design into new territory is fascinating. Wish there where more guys tinkering away in their garages like that.

SO many questions...who makes the turbo? what about the airbox? how does it mount? what does that do to the rest of the bike? breaking must be a bitch! can the tranny handle it? the clutch, chains, etc?

whats the weight? etc. etc. etc....wish that guys website was in english.

those of us really into bike technology could learn a thing or two from that bike.

VERY COOL---two thumbs up!


I can translate some of it from sporthoj.com and thatwill answer som of your questions.

Most parts were from the junkyard (10 000 sek of the buildingcost was due to a broke down of the crankchaft)

For the clutch he have used springs from a suzuki 750 extra hard and long. Stock lamells!!!!

The weights is about 150 kg ready to race.

He would increase the effect to pass your mentioned 120 bhp by add a IC and increase the boost to about 1 bar, as he says.

He keeps much in secret due to future plans of making turbokits to XR650s.

I'm really looking forward to se the bike inte the paper soon.....

Have been a missunderstood here, I mixed up two turbo converted XR650, the one on desertdealer and the one described on sporthoj.com. The info I gave you is from the bike in sporthoj.com. No pics on that one yet.

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