Cycra Hand guards

Hello everyone. I just bought a set of Probend Cycra hand guards from a business that is going out of business. I got them for $60.00 :cry: They are the ones with side mount for the tripple clamp. Anyone else have a set of these? I took the pinch bolts out of the tripple clamp to mount the part that mounts to the tripple clamp (I hope this makes sence) The bolts are to short to re-use? There is none to replace them with longer ones. Is there suppose to be? The other problem is the cable "Ring" looks like it can't no longer be used? Can ANYONE please help out another "TTer" Thanks so much in advance and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

I have the pro bend also.. They were setup for use with bar clamps, but I bought a set of Fastway upper triple clamp mounts. They came with longer bolts. You got a killer deal, I would just buy 4 longer bolts. I also had to remove the upper cable guide. It has not caused a problem...hope this helps, good luck...Smitty :cry:


Same experience here. The cable holder I removed. Bought some longer hex head bolts at the hardware store. Just take the stock bolts in with you and they can sell you the longer size. I also had to shave a little plastic off the right side number plate mount. The only other thing is that the front brake cable is tight on the triple clamp handguard mount. I went to the lower side adjustment but doesn't feel "quite right".

I have the cycra hand guards with triple clamp mounts. you have to do a little modification to make them work with the WR. I tood the ring for the cables and fliped it over to the other side and then remounted it. Then I spent a little time at the bench grinder to notch out enough room for the nut for the ring mount. You will need to get longer upper triple clamp bolts.

Thanks EVERYONE for all the help!

You will need to get longer upper triple clamp bolts.

My bike "lives" off-site, and I would like to be prepared (it's also 60 miles from a hardware store.

Does anyone know what size bolt is needed? The DRZ apparently uses a M8x45, I would assume that ours would be similar, which would mean that we'd need around an M8x55, but I want to be sure.

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