Stock rear sprocket blows?

Alright, I have not but 250 miles on my 650R and the rear sprocket is taking a beating. I purchased a chain alignment tool and it did prove that my alignment was a little off due to Honda not being able to get the marks right.

Is the stock sprocket really that soft? I'm thinking of buying a steel one and slapping it on so I don't destroy my chain.


The stock sprocket is fine. Sounds like something is wrong. Either it was out of alignment so bad that it wore fast or something else is happening. I roached a sprocket once because the chain guide took a good rock and bent the hanger, putting pressure on one side of the chain laterally which in turn ate my rear sprocket in one ride.

Yeah I agree, there is something else wrong. My sprocket is stock and has over 6000 miles on it now, and it's showing only very minor hooking of the teeth. The front sprocket is actually wearing more, with noticeable hooking of the teeth, it will be replaced very soon.

Sounds like you had a serious alignment problem.

Oh yeah one more thing that will tear up a chain and sprockets in no time; running the chain too tight will ruin the chain, sprockets, and probably the countershaft bearing too. The chain should have plenty of slack in it. As the rear wheel travels upward when the shock is compressed, the chain takes up slack and get's tighter.

Alright, sounds like it was out of alignment enough to cause that wear. It seems that the wheel was cocked a little too far right for the first couple hundered which wore the sides of the sprocket.

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