My service manual refers to using a "solvent" to clean certain components on my bike. Specifially the "Oil Strainer Nut". What type of solvent is the best to use?

For cleaning the strainer screen, you could use any halogenated solvent (TCE, MC, etc), stoddard solvent (mineral spirits, paint thinner, varasol, etc), etc. Diesel or Kerosene also works well. You can also use BrakeKleen in a spray can or WD40 for cleaning the screen.

Most commonly I use brake cleaner, gasoline(yeah, yeah, I know), M.E.K.(methyl ethyl ketone), acetone, and a low-flammability kerosene based solvent specifically for parts washers. It doesnt stink like regular kero and is clear like water. If the screen has no plastic or rubber parts, use whatever solvent you like. Likeqadsan said, an aerosol will blow junk out of the screen better. BTW, brake cleaner from the auto parts store is cheaper than "contact cleaner" from the bike shop. Keep it off paint and plastic, though.

I used paint thinner once out of desperation and will never do it again.

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