I like my 05 WR450

I rode my new WR for 2 days and its a good bike. I loved it in the fast open stuff and the suspension soaked up the hits really nice. Decent highway speed, excellent rough road handling, excellent high speed rock-sand etc stability. :cry: Great for 1/2 of what I like to do... :cry:

In super challenging survival trails the bike is still a pig. Having to pick it up a bunch of times I found it to be a tall, heavy, lumbering beast but not as heavy as my old DRZ or my ultra light XR650L. :cry: Both days riding it I had it boiling over for miles. It was either that or sleep in the jungle. It has a great recovery system for the radiator fluid. I killed the battery and had to kick it for the last couple hours. Kicks over pretty easy. In the brutal Lava fields the bike was OK but still boiled over. I'll try better fluids in the future but honestly, I think it will always boil over in certain long sections we do.

I really liked the fun factor such as wheelies, jumps, berms etc. The bike rips after the throttle stop screw, snorkel mods. The power was nice with the baffle out but way to loud. I put the baffle back in for sound issues till I get the GYTR thingy. No biggy. I can wait at the cost of being loud and kicked out over stealth and undetected.

Overall I find the bike to be great for what its made for and just tolerable in the nasties. The faster you can go, the better the bike likes it. The slower you go the bike cries out of its overflow hose. Even with its slow speed puking its my favorite ALL AROUND Big Island bike right now... :cry: Very happy with it.

The bike was fun in open places like this no matter if it was rough or smooth...

Fun fast stuff

Link to full ride report. Worth looking at!

Wow great break in ride! Nice ride report pictures! :cry::cry::cry:

I wonder why Yamaha made the radiators smaller on the 05's? :cry:

My 03 with boyesen pump only over heats in slow deep mud bog clutch happy rides. Otherwise it never pukes. Your overheating may aso be related to the corked up exhaust and lean stock jetting. :lol:

I agree with your handling observations. You may want to try to raise the forks up in the tubes to improve low speed handling I run the tubes 15mm up in the clamps. The bike is extremely top heavy and picking it up from a fall is about as easy as picking up a Goldwing. I had one of those days when I fell 5 or 6 times in a deep mud ride and picking that thing up wears you out!

Glad you had fun on her! I think it is a great all around bike that can do everything. :cry:

Yeah, the bike is running lean. Its really a great bike. Its hard to find any bike that can do it all. I'm washing it tomorrow then taking it back out to the cinder pits to lay out a trail and blast around on it... :cry:

Hey T.C.

Looks like you guys had an awesome adventure ride ! Great pix ! I hear the blue beast boiled over a few times on you. You probably did a lot of clutchingn in those lava fields and nasties ,huh ? I ended up going down 2 teeth on the front sprocket(12). It still boils over every now and then but I think maybe having to clutch it in the technical stuff that we do will definitely create a lot of that heat, resulting in boil-overs.( I have a 13 tooth sprocket that you can have if you'd like to try that) :cry:

Merry Christmas !


Hmmm, why is it overheating that much? I do not think mine has ever boiled over even after full throttle up huge sand hills or in a 110 mile harescramble, but it is an 04... are the radiators smaller on the 05??

12 tooth is too small a front sprocket. :cry: I run 13/14/15 front with a 50 rear. 13 is as low as you will ever need. The bike can be ridden like a trials bike in nasty stuff without clutching a lot using the 13. In an effort to lower the top heavy feel of the 05's Yamaha gave the bike a lower seat height ( less suspension travel), less fuel capacity, and smaller radiators. In my opinon all these changes made buying the 05 out of the question for me. The 04 has better specs for true off road riding! Give me an 04 with a 4 gallon tank and fuel injection and you may never need to buy another bike. :cry:

hey TC , i had overheating issues also. here's a couple tricks you might try. get yourself the boyesen water pump,run engine ice mixed 50/50 with water wetter,get a 1.6 kg rad. cap off a kx 500,and i've been using a oil additive called two2cool that works well (its wet clutch safe) available at mx south. after doing all this its never spilt a drop :cry:

Thank you everybody!!! That's what I love about TT, people that know what they are talking about. :cry::cry:

Merry Christmas all my TT brothers! :cry:

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