Wrecked Xr650r frame and mso

Hey Everybbody,

Does anyboby have a trashed Xr650r frame and mso or title that they would like to sell? I bought a bike that does not have a vin. It was ground off. I want to register the bike without having to use my old Xr600r vin. Thanks for the help, Tony

P.s. $900 for a new frame is not what I want to do....

Hey Everybbody,

I bought a bike that does not have a vin. It was ground off.

Why? :cry: If it were legally obtained, such as a police auction, they would have put #'s on it.

You are encouraging bike thieves. :cry::cry:

If you were to get caught riding it, it would be impounded, and rightfully so. :cry:

I've bought bikes without title, and gotten the registered owner to sign a release, but I would NEVER one without numbers.

Consider this an expensive lesson. :cry:

Yes I know that. I bought the bike while I was in Italy doing my Reserve time for the year. I got it on Ebay. I should have asked if it had the mso or title. What is weird is that the guy who sold it to me, his mom is a notary. I don't think that he stole the bike because of that but before that I don't know. I feel for the guy if someone did loose the bike. It is a lesson learned. Thanks, Tony

ebay sucks.

factory race bikes have the numbers ground off...was it an american honda 650?

Yes it is but I don't think it is a race bike. I just might go the way of buying a new frame to make it somewhat legal....

Mike, you gotta be kidding me, what is your beef with ebay? I've found a lot of good deals and sold a lot of stuff there. I think it's great! :cry:

Nothing wrong with ebay, buying a frame with the VIN ground off is way wrong!

I'm buying a bike to part out call my cell 606-367-1362 leave message if no answer . If anyone else needs parts call me


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