Fmf Titanium 4 Slip On Exhaust

Does Anyone Have One Of These Iuf So Does It Ever Blow Off I Have A M4 Exhaust Muffler And The Dang Thing Blew Off In The Race On Sunday Cost Me A Trophy It Has No Springs To Make It Not Come Off Just A Clamp And The Rubber Circle Clamp I Guess Is Wore Out

Let Me Know Im Thinking Of Buying A New Fmf Since I Have A Powerbomb Header

i wouldent recomend the fmf i have ridden a few 450s with stcok thunderally Procircuit and fmf and the fmf did the least id got procircuit then thunder ally i not sure about toe tunder ally but you head pipe will work with the procircuit

I'm confused. My Ti4 bolts to the subframe, clamps to the header, hangs from the clamp on the can, and has springs to hold it to the midpipe. Used with the Power Bomb, the system makes a big difference in spreading power out across a wider range, and gets rid of the little sag/hit thing at 8000.

Yours must be missing something...?

it may be a different kinda power or whatever but the procircuit is desinged to work with many different head pipes

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