Power now power now plus??

do any ofyou guys have that new power now or power now plus i was thinknig of getting it . and i was woundering will it still give the same noticable effect in throttle responce and low to mid range power and are the power now and power now plus a set or can you only use one or the other they claim its the best power for theprice but i dont know if they are talking stock bikes or bikes with aready after market parts any feed backwould be great thanks guys :cry:

Go to the 250f Sitemap and look up the james now mod.

Its a link on how to make your own power now or power now plus for free.


Some blokes love them, some hate them. Most seemed to hate the original, but once they drilled the hole liked it. Most agree it adds to bottom end.

so if i buy the power now and drill that hole it willmake that work even better?? then what baout the power now plus i can still get that right??

but anybody with it how do you guys like it? i wanna get it but scared its a waist of money

I just edited my link,use the pdf link. Id make my own its so simple.

The Power Now and its clones/offspring are intended to improve the part throttle engine response from idle up to about half throttle. This helps a lot in a screeching top end engine with weak low speed characteristics, like the 250F, but, since the big YZFs don't have any such problem, I don't think it will help much.

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