Disc Brake for XR 500

I want to install a rear disc on my mint condition 1984 XR 500.

Some say don't be an idiot but has anyone done it?

I realize the parts that are needed(swingarm,linkage,shock,wheel,caliper,

master cylinder,pedal) but which ones will fit?Ebay always seems to have

a bunch of parts so supply doesn't seem to be a problem.

The bike already has a WP front suspension and Magura brake on it, so

I don't have a problem with doing some fabrication to make the retrofit work.

And no, new shoes are not the answer, we ride in the rockies and shoes generally last 5 or 6 rides.

Thanks for any help.

if the idea is just to have something "different" for a project, go for it, ... enjoy ... but rear brakes aren't all that critical on a dirt bike, if you can lock it up with the stock drum, not much to be gained , IMHO ...

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