whats good tires for the hi-desert

I believe I need some new tires. I am just doing general all-around riding in the hi-desert of california - dirt trails, some sand, some rocks.

My '87 XR600 currently has a Dunlop D739FA 80/100-21 front and a Bridgestone ED-12 110/100-17 rear. The front seems very unstable on slight sandy jeep trails, even with my slightly flexable steering stem (bad stem bearings - soon to be fixed). I have played with the air pressure and it seems best at around 12-15psi front and 15psi rear; but it could be much better.

Any recommendations?


Maxxis IT rear :cry:

Maxxis IT rear :cry:


with a Kenda Carlsbad front.


Pirelli MT18HD is a very good 4 stroke front tire, sticks real good.

I run a Maxxis IT in the rear and I am very pleased with it.

Just my .02

Only thing is that the Maxxis IT is not available in a 17" rear.....

How does the Maxxis compare to the Dunlop 739AT.

I've ridden with both the D739 on my 426F and the IT on my BRP. Unlike many others with the IT on their 650R, I'm not at all pleased with it. I thought I'd give it a try based on what I had heard in the past, but I now know it was a mistake. I ride the Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, 29 Palms area on a regular basis, and for these desert terrains, the IT is all over the place---low speed and hi speed. I'm looking to get something else that will keep me a little bit more stable in these terrains......just like the good old days on the good old 426 with the good old D739.

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