looking for

Im looking for a auto decomp cam for my 00 yz426.

any one know where i can get the best deal?

id like to know too.

I`am looking for one also.

Just put the 426 in a quad , and would like to loose the lever.

And have a easier starting procedure.

Use the Hot cam or the yz450 cam?????


either cam works. I (and alot of others) used the oem cam. I used it for two years of continuous use in my YZ426 with no failure or abnormal wear. Blue Beast Wins has put over 6000 miles on his WR with the oem cam.

BTW...no reported failures from ANYONE who has used the OEM cam in their bikes....and that is alot of people.

Thanks satch i had the oem wr cam in and didn't like the way it made power.

I will check out that site. :cry:

Ok i found there ebay listings but don't say what the cams were out of. anyone get on yet? i don't want a wr cam been down that road :cry:

If anyone has any input please post.

I did ask them but no answer yet.

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