Got my HRC exaust tip!--Time to uncork.

My wife got me the HRC exaust tip for Christmas for my 650R. While I havn't jetted yet I went ahead and put it in. The sound is nice and it was already an improvement considering I'm at 6,500ft alt it was rich to begin with. I could tell it was rich before as the stock insert was very sooty when it came out.

I'm going to finish uncorking but a few questions. The stock insert came out with a metal ring around the base of the insert. I take it this goes on the HRC tip as well?

Another thing, just want to make sure I get everything with the uncorking. I purchased the new carb manifold that is unrestricted an got a 160 jet for my alt. I was advised to leave the needle stock and in the same position as well as leave the stock pilot, again for my 6,500 ft alt. I already had the snorkel removed and will remove the second airbox restriction plate.

Anything else?


I think you have it covered.

I'm going to do mine in a few weeks so I'm pretty interested in the various configurations. Suspect you should use the ring (gasket?) with the HRC insert as well. They seem to of left it off of mine. I'm poor so I'll try the drilled stock insert first. Just messing around today I took the airbox restrictors out with everything else still stock. Big dead spot mid to top end. guess its all or nothing. Starting from 5000 feet, went up to about 8000, and it did run a little better up there which makes sense. When I came down, put a strip of duct tape over the forward most restrictor hole (foolish to not bring the parts), and what a difference, twice the power. Guess I'll be putting those parts back in until I'm ready to do the full uncorking (after I get the license plate). Not looking forward to pulling the carb apart....


BTW, How did it run at 6500' with the snorkel removed, and the forward restrictor in place? You mention some carbon. I've had remarkably little buildup given the 5-7000' I've been riding at on a totally stock setup. I'm hoping the complaints about the stock carb are a little overblown.

Most of my riding will be between 1500 and 6000 and I certainly have no intentions of rejetting mid ride. If the stock carb can't do this reliably I'll be pissed, but so far it looks like it will be no problem. Just keep it a little rich to avoid overheating.

At 6,500 with the snorkel removed, it seemed to run fine in stock condition. Only hickup was if you really snapped the throttle off idle which I think is typical for this bike in any setup. I pulled it because I knew I was rich and I thought it couldn't hurt. Other than that no other stumbles but like I said, the stock insert was BLACK!

I was going to do the hole saw cut myself but my wife offered to get it for me so who am I to disagree :cry: I tell you what the sound is awesome! I was expecting it to be very loud but it didn't sound to bad.

Not looking forward to taking apart a new bike and carb myself. I did it a couple of times with my DR350 and it went smooth. By the looks at some of these BRP sites it looks pretty straight forward. I'll be sure to let you know. Keep me posted how your uncorking goes!


No dude, go ahead and kick the needle up a notch. A 160 main is good for 6500' to around 8500'. After it's completely uncorked, new intake boot, airbox plate removed, etc., then the bike is going to run quite well with a 160 main and the needle in the middle. The B3E needle preferably.

It will still be rich! The pipe will still get sooty, but it's important to keep enough fuel mix going in to avoid overheating and overly lean condition, which robs power and creates a lot of excess heat. Big four stroke singles should be run rich, to an extent. Not LEAN!! A little soot is fine, trying to lean it out enough to avoid any soot is guaranteed to be way TOO LEAN!

Good luck with it man, and someday plan a trip down to less than 1000' alt, pop in a 175 or 180 main, and enjoy the extreme power.

Hey thanks for the advice. I'm definitely not aiming to make it soot free and definitely intend to keep it on the rich side a little. I conversed with some at this alt who say stock needle stock position works but I will definitely take your advice and raise it up a notch if need be.

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