FeedBack on Wet Sump Mod

Is it a good idea to change over to a wet sump on my 01 yz426

this subject has been discussed alot here and the bottom line is ...NO.

You will sacrifice reliability for a few pounds that only SERIOUS (pro or expert level) riders will notice or benefit from. And let's face pro or expert level riders are running around on 426's these days.

I had the opportunity to wet sump my 426 and passed on it....I am glad I did. You can save as much weight by purchasing an aftermarket pipe or a carbon fiber airbox. Those are worth doing.

If you were looking to create the ultimate 426, and were willing to change the oil every hour on the hour, and clean/change the filter with it and were willing to accept potentially lesser reliability,and were doing all the other weight saving titanium carbon fiber stuff, then yeah. Course the point is moot because Dr.D no longer makes the kit. If you want the ultimate 426,it's called the 04 YZ450F.

That says it all. At least for motocross<4 speed

Thanks thats what I wanted to know.

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