BK-Carb mod and Zip-Ty

what is the difference between the BK carb mod on motomans website and the Zip-Ty i've heard of. I've done some searching around and havent been able to find out how exactly the Zip-ty mod works. I'll be doing either the BK or the Zip-ty here in the next week so i need to know.

not sure what your referring to when you say the Zip Ty mod.

The GB/BK mod is a must for 426 series bikes.

well i've done even more reading and now know the the Zip-Ty is a fuel scew with finger knob rather than tiny screw drive . so whats a better idea for the 01 YZ 426

you should do both. The zip-ty fuel screw is a must too....allows you to make "on the fly" adjustments to the fuel screw while your at the track.

The fuel screw from Zip ty Racing is a longer version of the stock unit so you can actually adjust it on the fly without special tools. This is NOT modifying the carb in any way.

The BK mod adds an adjustment so you can limit the duration of the accelerator pump squirt. A must for the 00 bikes for sure!!! Your other option is to purchase different diaphrams unit you get the squirt correct (most just use the 2002 carb parts).

just did the BY carb mod today and i must say it makes a huge difference in idle-to-go.

it makes it soooo much snapier i give it 3 thumbs up

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