Edelbrock carb fit with larger tank & damper

I'm looking at getting an edelbrock carb for my BRP. But I later want to also get a larger tank. I've heard that there are fit problems between the edelbrock carb and some tanks. Any recommendations on a 3.2 or 4 gal tanks. Also fit with a scotts steering damper.

i have an edelbrock with a clarke 4.3 and GPR stabilizer without any fit problems - my buddy has the same tank and a scotts without any problems either :cry:

jeff :cry:

I've had no Edelbrock fitment problems and I've used the Clarke 4.3, the IMS4.6 and the IMS 3.2 tanks. I also have Scotts and GPR 1 & 2 dampers and they all fit fine. I prefer the IMS 3.2 tank because of its physical size and it gives me enough range for what I'm doing. The Clarke 4.3 tank I had bolted right up without any issues, but the IMS tanks require one of the radiator shrouds to be slightly trimmed for it to fit correctly. If you have a California bike, then you'll have to remove the PAIR's emissions components from your bike for the Clarke 4.3 to fit whether you have an Edelbrock or not, but that's something you'd probably want to do anyway.

no fitment problems with 3.2, 4.6 IMS tanks, or the Acerbis 6 and 3.2.

longer cables are a good idea (but not mandatory) if you use the GPRv2 stabilizer--or just run very high bars/risers....edelbrock has them.

Thanks guys. This is the info I was looking.

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