Step by step YZ Timing 450

I wondered if there is any good thread on this forum that explains (step-by-step) and illustrates with pictures, how to correctly exchange the WR cam for a YZ one. (I just ordered the YZ cam)

I´ve seen on this forum how to do it for the 426, which helped me at the time, but the the 450 is different as the camshaft is exchanged.

The only difference is that you remove the cam bearing caps and lift out the cam and replace it with the new one.

Precaution Notes:

Do not allow the cam chain to go slack! Pull it tight and use wire to tie it up to the frame!

Do not allow the cam bearing retainer half ring to fall into the engine!

Recheck you exhaust and intake valve clearances and order the shims needed or buy a Hot cams complete shim kit for $62.00.

Rejet for YZ timing by going to a 50 pilot and YZ needle with 170 main.

The job is easy as long as you are careful :cry:

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