'99 YZ400f for trails/ds?

Hi guys. I have the chance to get a '99 YZF for real cheep. I currently ride an '03 DRZs. 400ccs, 5 speeds, (same same) but a stronger engine and lighter weight. I guess that I can leve it as s dirt bike but ai was wondering if any one ever dual sported one of these thigs. Right now my DRZ is set up for the dirt, but ridden every where. IS there a DS kit for the YZf? Is it as good a dual sport as the DRZ? Is it as good of a trail bike as the DRZ. It is used as a motocrosser right now, but I won't be using it for that....

If I do ge this bike what shold I look at before I buy it?


It would be an alright dual sport as long as you arent on the highway that often. It will make a much better trail / around town bike.

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