Is the YZ a CA Green Sticker bike?

2003 YZ450F - can this get a CA green sticker?

only if dmv gives you one by mistake like they did with me, still cant full the rangers,most of them know what is red or green sticker bike

Nope, or I'd get a YZ 450. I'm looking at the new Huskys right now.


BC :cry:

I wish!!!

In Cali, what does it mean if you have a green sticker or a red sticker? Does green mean that you can ride anywhere? Does red mean you can only ride in the dunes and approved areas? I live in Washington state.

I heard they may outlaw 2 strokes all together in California then other states may soon follow. Is this true?

They are only going to make 2-strokes for competition racing. From what I've been told with a red sticker you can only ride in the months with an 'r' in it with the exception of september. Don't quote me on this.

red sticker bikes are not allowed on certain lands between (approx) Apr and Sep, but not all areas I think. Green stickers are year round.

You can drive a car, semi, bulldozer, ocean going vessel, 747, space shuttle, Hummer, 72 Chevette or waverunner year round but not a single-cylinder, small bore motorcycle!?!?!?!?!?!? Dont even get me started on the sound testing..........

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