dyno results

Someone posted some dyno results that showed a KTM 300 exc with the same or slightly less HP and torque than a wr 400/426. Can you post that again. I searched and couldn't find it.

I am seriously considering the 300 exc as my next bike. Seems as if the HP numbers are very close to the 400 and 426, somewhere in the 42-45 hp range. The 525 exc was about 52 hp or so. I like those big power numbers but the 300 exc is so light and nimble but I gotta have my low end torque definetly don't want to lose that.

Any help on dyno results is appreciated.

Have you considered a older 380 or CR500..... :cry: My neighbor as a 300EXC punched out, says it runs like a stroker.. :cry:

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