Chain Question

It has been a long time since I bought a chain so here is a couple of quick quetion.

How many links for a 2001 yz 426?

Who make a good o-ring chain that will last?

Where to get the best price on the web?



D.I.D makes a good x ring and im not sure how many links maybey 180?

RK, DID, and renthal are all good chains. DID has X-ring chains which hold up very well but are pricey. Just choose your preference. Shops like,, are just a cpl that I can think of that run good prices on these chains. I had a RK O-ring and was having to tighten it on a regular basis it seems like and swapped to a DID X-ring and I would say that within the pass year, I have tightened the slack maybe 5 times.

120 links not 180! :cry:

You will have to trim a few links out, and any good oring will do you right. I have a regina o-ring and it hasnt gone out of adjustment yet. Its going on 6 months.

114 is stock

sorry wasnt completly sure i knew it was 100 something i still have the stock chain and havent replaced it yet so dont know much about chains

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