Jet Washing

Question Peeps... Whats the Do's and don't for Jet washing your bike after a Ride???????????????? :cry:

Don't get water down the pipe. If you have and o-ring chain don't direct the stream at that. Don't hit the bearings with the stream i.e. suspension, wheel or steering bearings.

dont hit the airbox hole or casing weep hole either.

If it's a hot day, and your girlfriend/wife has some hottie friends over, set the pressure washer to a gentle spray setting. Then hose 'em down, and presto, instant wet t-shirt comp'. :cry: Hope this helps :cry::cry::cry::cry:

As they said.

Plug your exhaust pipe, the air box hole on the right side of your bike, and the 1/8" weep hole on the side of your engine head.

Be careful in general. A pressure washer will squeeze water past the o-rings on your chain, the boots on your carburator, and past the bearings on your wheels if you get over zealous.

After I'm done washing a bike, I remove the air-box cover to mop up any water that got in there, and use compress air to blow out the weep hole and to dry off the chain.

It would be wise to lube the chain right away.

Used the Hose pipe and it did the job... not really a fan of Preassure washer on bikes, cover the bike in WD40 after and brake cleaner on the Brakes...

We have Frost/Ice and Mud here... what a laught

He aint ****ing sucks down this end.......hey dangermouse..... PM me your e-mail.

Wanna introduce you to a little Supermoto group down here in the solent, you gonna ride yours on the street/greenlanes or just as a dirtbike??


Detail sent Chat soon ...

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