derekj426, its stillcherrt cherry hot

i just started it 2 or 3 minutes when downpipe started turning cherry red

i turned the chocke of and roadit whent in second gear , look down and the wholeheader pipe is very hot red ,cherry ,its not going away when i ride.

can someone please help???? onyx


thanx derekj426

It is normal, dont worry about it. If you go slow there isnt much cooling effect, especially after leting it heat up for 2 or 3 minutes.

o.k will do ,not afraid of it scared to hert it its my first quad. always had

bikes but this never hapened.......a can i be runnin too lean , can i the carb my

self to get it a little richer , somethin i can do ???thanx

You can make it richer if you want, but your engine is probally running how it should right now. Is this your first bigger bore quad? I thought my headpipe glow was a little odd too when I first got it, and you bet its been ridden hard for the last year with no problems.

the bikes will glow sometimes to you can richen it by the pilot screw if you feel it needs it but i hear alot about head pipes glowing and no problems

Onyx, my bike has done this plenty. It won't hurt anything, just go have fun bud and enjoy your quad :cry:

Wouldn't a glow in the head pipe be from an already too rich mixture?


01 426

I just rejetted mine for winter and it is now glowing red hot after warming for 2 minutes. I've been riding mine for over a year and have never seen it glow before... everyone says it's normal but I am sure mine had something to do with adjusting the carb....

the fuel cools the front pipe at tick over there is very little fuel, when you open it up the acelerator pump works and cools the pipe down, under normal conditions the pump works every time you openthe throttle keeping it cool

If the bike is way too rich it is posible to actually burn the raw fuel in the header which would heat it up rapidly while running it continually, Thats how it works in a Sprint Car anyways. I can check the spark plug and get a rich reading while the pyro's say it is running too hot, hence the fuel burning in the pipe. If the pipe is red just after starting while under idle, being too rich is unlikely. Either you are too lean or too paranoid, the jetting can't be too far off to make any major problems. Ride it and if you get lean symptoms change it if not don't worry about the redness of the pipe mine does the same thing. :cry::cry::cry:

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