help// big boy suspension

My Brother Just Bought A Honda 1994 Xr 600, Nice Bike And In Great Shape. Problem Is Little Bro Is 350 Lbs And I Don't Have A Clue As To How Much Weight This Bike Can Handle? Can He Put A Larger Spring On The Back? What Weight Will The Stock Spring Carry? Anything I Can Do With The Front End>>ie More Oil Or Heavier Oil.

How Much Oil? Thanks Guys

try a 49 front spring with 100mm (or less) of 3 wt., and an 11 or 11.5 spring in the rear.

eibach or racetech springs. this should keep lil bro's sub frame from breaking, hubs from cracking, steering stem bearings from wearing, etc.

mikekay.. thanks for the reply. how do i know what springs i have in the front and what is stock in the back?

Stock springs for the 94 xr 600 were .37 in the front and 10.3 in the rear. Mike, no one makes a .49 for the xr 600.

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