First Ride 2005 YZ250

I know this is Thumper Talk but i promised you guys a report.

Well today was the maiden voyage of the 05 YZ. Perfect weather in the low 60's with no wind. We went to Village Creek and spent several hours doing some break-in . The bike fired up the second kick. My goal was to spend the afternoon breaking in the engine and hopefully have time to ease it around the track at the end of the day. Well my plan worked out! I only put in 2 laps during the last organized practice then let the bike cool off. then they announced a final "all big bike" practice so I got 3 "gentle" laps in there.

I can't really give my full opinion of the bikes performance as I probably only opened it up fully a few times. Also I will need to dial in the suspension once it loosens up.

However I will tell you this.....the bike has PLENTY of power. A much wider powerband than I expected. The few times I opened it up it was a rocketship. However it still had enough low and mid power to haul me around the track while I attempted to be gentle.

The forks were stiff at first but loosened up a bit. They are sweet forks. I had ridden Macho's 05 450 and the first thing I noticed was how sweet the forks were. These new Kayabas are awesome.

Weight....this bike is light! It goes wherever your body "english" tells it to go. Much different than the thumpers. It handles very good and turns on a dime. I think the turning feels so much more effortless because it's not top heavy like the thumpers. You guys that ride with me know I am no bueno in the corners however today I was turning with little or no thought or effort. THIS BIKE TURNS LIKE NO OTHER (there did I make my point).

Anyway as I learn to ride this beast you will undoubtedly hear more about it. It was a bit awkward riding with those LOWRIDER Renthal bars.....but my ProTapers are in the mail so no worries.

Here are a few pictures taken today:

Village Creek 12-26-04

bike looks geat.. how do you think the power would campair with the new 05 450.

no offence to the thumpers because i love mine but i kinda wish i would have waited or bought a 2 smoke. just seems alot easyer to maintain but i like the fourstroke sounds and power but i love the bike :cry:

Thanks Satch, looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

And in case someone has a problem this being a TT-forum, he will be terminated. :cry::cry:

looks really fun, i was goign to get that bike but people said i wouldnt need all of the horse power that comes with it. anyways i was wondering too, how does it compare with a yz450f? power wise.



I will report back on the power next time I ride. I really did not open it up much...but the few times I did it was FUN!

Please go away, I dont want to hear your bragging! :cry:


I just bought a 05 YZ250 after riding a 01 YZ426 and 03 CRF450. I have only ridden it twice but already feel very comfortable. The bike handles great and has plenty of power. You can ride the bike very similar to a 4 stroke by staying in one gear and slipping the clutch. The bike has good low end power with a super strong mid-range hit. The 4 strokes do have a longer power band but the 2 smoke accelerates equally as fast if not faster. The bike turns on a dime, jumps effortlessly, and is easy to ride. It is less fatiguing then the 4 stroke on the track and is easier to ride faster with less rider input. The biggest thing I like about the bike is it is light weight with tons of power. For now the the 2 smoke is a lot of fun to ride. Happy riding.

Congrats on the new bike. I think I may go back to a 2 smoke too.

If you know someone with one of these bikes you should ask them to let you give it a spin.

Hey Satch, will you bring your bike to Conroe and let me give it as spin??

Worth a try......


I should be at Splendora sometime in April....I know that doesn't help much!

Yeah Wyatt, give it a good spin... horizontally and vertically... :cry:

ruin the plastics... that lucky SOB :cry:


I took it out Wednesday for a little while and beat on it. Gotta get the suspension set up (can you say stiffer springs). But the bike is a blast....I spent 3 years getting my "timing" down on a thumper now I gotta relearn or "unlearn" so I can ride the smoker LOL. BUT this bike has a sweet broad powerband for a 2-smoke.....I am very happy with it. The light feel of the bike makes it feel so agile in the corners and all it takes is a good twist of the throttle and you float right over rough stuff and whoops. I think I am gonna like this bike!

Seeing how I haven't ridden my bike in 2 months I just gotta say:

You Suck :cry: J/K

Looks like one sweet machine, and the track you were at looks great :cry: I'm thinking about getting a new ride this year, but I'll probably stay with the 4 stroke. Keep us posted on your progress.

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