rekluse auto clutch

I own a 03 YZ 450f, Im 40 years old 225lbs. and I only trail ride. I love the power of the bike however I find that it stalls or abrubtly shuts off often at sharp turns and when I have to slow down quickly. Really wanted the WR 450 got a great deal on the bike that I have. I love it just afraid to ride it again on technical trails and trails that are in the mountains.

I have been told that the Rekluse z-start auto clutch would make the bike much more enjoyable to ride on the trails. I have also been told to get a heavier flywheel. Would getting the auto clutch solve the problem?

I would love to hear any comments from those that might know what I should do.

Hey madharvic, let me save you some time cause I asked all the YZ riders this same question about three weeks ago and I know they're gonna say "not again" :cry: . I've got a YZ426 and also want it to be as trail-worthy as possible. Of all the mods to make a YZ have better trial manners, the two you mentioned are the most popular by far. I'm gonna do the flywheel mod first (because it's the more affordable) and the auto clutch when I can. I've ridden a YZ with both mods and can't believe the differences. After these mods you'll have the ultimate woods bike. The pull of a WR, the simplicity of an auto-clutch and the lightweightness of a YZ. Also I've gone up to a 51T rear sprocket to help a little until I get my flywheel. :cry:

Good reply Goosedog....

And yes the Z-start makes my 426 fun to ride in the single track trails :cry:

The best money I have ever spent for trail riding

I can't speak for certain about the Z-start and the 450 as I have a Rev-Loc on a YZ426. I would think there are enough similarities between the bikes to recommend getting an autoclutch and forgetting about the flywheel weight. The autoclutch will fix all of the problems that the flywheel weight is supposed to address. I only trail ride my YZ and like it even better since installing the Rev-Loc.

Good reply Goosedog....

And yes the Z-start makes my 426 fun to ride in the single track trails :cry:

The best money I have ever spent for trail riding

Hey Dano, you still gonna sell me your second-hand Steahly? I never heard back, maybe my PM didn't get through. :cry:

We're in nearly the same boat as far as age goes and if you're like me, don't wish to try your insurance policy's willingness to supplement your weekend warrior status.

I had the same exact issues as you in terms of stalling in my 04 YZ45. Tight twisties had me at my wits end with the incessant stalling and clutch feathering, and fouled plugs.

Gearing changeovers didn't help much at all with a 12T or 13T and the stock 48T in the rear. First gear is still about a notch and a half taller than it needs to be for the tight singletrack.

I decided to bite the bullet and go for the Rekluse instead of the less expensive flywheel mod-which still forces you to deal with a clutch, tall gearing, and slight relief from stalling. Moreover, more spinning mass takes away from the snappiness I like so much about this bike.

The Rekluse installed without a hitch, and like someone else mentioned, allows for tractorlike/mountain bike tractability in the tight twisties. My bike now will only stall if I run out of gas. Try doing steering lock to lock figure 8's in your front yard feathering a clutch- it's rather tough don't you think?

I now am a member of the church of the Rekluse.



With the rekluse installed, its supposed to be like adding 6 oz. to the flywheel. So you can't stall it and it has more tractor-like abilities. I love mine, I can't imagine riding with out it.

Does Rekluse build a model for the YZ400, or is the only option the Rev-Loc for those of us on the 98-99 antique models?

I'd think that they could sell just about as many as they could make for entry-level bikes like the CRF150 and 230, or just about any of the little thumpers, for those that just have a hard time with the clutch when they begin.

I'm surprised that KTM hasn't worked out one of these systems for their offroad bikes already. They usually adapt technology to their production bikes pretty quickly, and it seems that so many of the true trail bikes I see are KTMs around here.

I was wondering if I should install the Rekluse autoclutch and a flywheel weight (or weighted flywheel), or just do the clutch. What do you think?

Try the auto-clutch first, you will probably stop thinking about flywheels after that.

Another vote for the Rekluse. You can't go wrong, you will absolutely love it.

For the best price call Kelly at

they didn't make a rekluse clutch for my 98 yz400f so i went to efm billet for mine. absolutely love it. the 98 used the 250 clutch so the life span was shorter. i still have to change clutches, but not nearly as often. am also using rear hand brake now. you'll never go back.

I have the rekluse and the lighter of the two Yamaha weights. I had the weight first and then put the clutch on. I just left the weight on and like the combo a lot. The bike still pulls hard and perhaps if I ever get in good enough shape to hang on for more than a few hard laps I'll put the stock flywheel back on.

I am a sturborn old SOB and will never put an auto clutch on my bike! I say it makes you weak.

I am a sturborn old SOB and will never put an auto clutch on my bike! I say it makes you weak.

Bring it one, Us Weaky 47 year old balding old farts need some excercise See ya in WCTT 4 :cry:

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